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For Toronto Prom Limos, Contact us today for a free limo quote! Your Prom night is one of the most anticipated celebrations on the graduation calendar. From preparing a fancy dress, your hair and makeup to ordering expensive flowers. Every young lady would like to make this a very special night. Renting a special limousine for the occasion can do just that and transforming Prom night into memorable evening.

Keep in mind not all Toronto Prom Limos companies are created equally. Renting a limo from a poor quality company can ruin the entire night, which is why the experts at My Toronto Limo have several tips on renting a professional and reliable chauffeured limousine:

1. Talk to your all friends early in the year. The demand for Toronto Prom Limos during the spring season can be overwhelming when so many others are renting a limousine for Prom, graduation, and weddings! Talk to your friends early and decide who will be in your limousines group, so that you can book your reservations and get the limo you desire.

2. Show up to your Promenade in style. A unique chauffeured Toronto Prom Limo will definitely set you apart from the rest. There are many styles available such as stretch limos with various interiors, sedans and SUV Stretch Limos. Depending on the number of people you will have in the car with you, you may want a certain limousine. Choose something that suits your mood and needs.

3. Allow time to take pictures. We offer several examples of Toronto Prom Limos. You are definitely going want some memories, so plan for everyone to meet up for Prom at one location (make sure the limo company and the chauffeur have the correct address and directions). This will eliminate wasting time that can be used for taking pictures and hanging with friends. You can even ask the limo driver to position the limousine to be a part of the snapshot.

4. Ask about our special offers. We provide beverages, and tunes for the ride over to the promenade. Ask in advance about the amenities that are available, such as sparkling cider to toast the night away. Also ask about the type of music that is available for all the Toronto Prom Limos. Be prepared to take some mix CD's that will have enough music for the whole ride so that you have the coolest music for the special evening!

5. Extend your night. Don't forget that there is always a post-prom party. Remember to book your Toronto Prom Limos ride for a few extra hours to ensure you have time to have a great time! Most importantly, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Toronto Prom Limos Offers Several Prom Limo Tips for Parents

Prom night is one of the most anticipated nights on the teen calendar. From the moment your child finds their date, to the moment he or she shows up at the door, every moment needs to count towards making the night both safe and special. Though you may worry about your child staying out late on Prom night, hiring a chauffeured limo for the most important social event of the year can transform prom night into an extraordinarily memorable, safe and enchanting evening for your teenager and offer the parent the peace of mind to make it through!

We at My Toronto Limousine suggests the following five tips when you hire a limousine service for your teenager’s big Prom night:

1. Ask the limousine company for the Prom Limo Promise. This is a document that teens sign an agreement of not drinking or taking drugs on Prom night. We offer our limousine and chauffeured transportation contract as a way to give parents an outlet to discuss the importance of safety on Prom with their teens.

2. Give us curfew. That’s right! Our chauffeur will abide by any rules you set forth, and will make sure to pick up and drop off your kids at a designated hour. This is a great way ensure your kids make it home on time, no excuses.

3. Check the industry associations to make sure our company is reputable. We at My Toronto Limousine Toronto Prom Limos Rental Service must abide by special Toronto prom limo insurance regulations and service rules. Do your due diligence as a parent to ensure your child and friends are safe and secure.

4. Set some ground rules. As the parent, you have the right to tell us what will and will not be tolerated in the Toronto Prom Limos vehicle. For example, you can ask that the chauffeur keep the privacy screen down for the entire ride, so that he/she has a full grasp of what your kids are up to. If any of your rules are broken, the chauffeur can turn the car around and bring your kids home.

5. Remember to sit back and relax in your Toronto Prom Limos. Our reputable limousine company hires drivers with proper training and licensing. Our chauffeurs are used to carting around excited passengers all day long, so they know how to keep things under control.

Toronto Prom Limos Rental Service TORONTO PROM LIMOS

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All our drivers are courteous, friendly and attentive to every detail of your occasion. All of our limousine drivers are dressed properly based on your occasion or your request. Our employees are trained and trustworthy to provide the best in professionalism and limousine service to make your event or occasion a success. At My Toronto Limousine our goal is to provide you with the best limousine service experience by providing you with a reliable fleet of limousines and accommodating chauffeurs within our terms of limousine service policies.



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